Politically Charged

Politically Charged
Fri, August 26, 2016 – Sat, October 1, 2016

Blue Line Arts Politically Charged! This will be a show not to miss. The show will include art from both sides of the isle. It will be a competition juried by Phil & Marilyn Isenberg (Phil served in the California State Assembly from 1982 to 1996) They are avid art collectors. It will group show of artists who make art that makes one think, get mad and cringe or even laugh. Artworks will deal with contemporary issues that are right under the skin.

See more here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHrUbMwdGBw&t=1s

Jeff Horwat
Carlie Sherry
Ryan Carrington
Douglas Holmes
Leslie Smith
Nicholas Gagliardi
Diana Krevsky
Samuel Bassett and Pepe Pool
Lorena Cruz
Leston Peck
Jennifer Brazelton
Maru Hoeber
The Pixeladies
Tricia Hand
Zoran Peshich
Richard D. Castro
Steve Kellison
Shawn Williams
David Feingold
Carol Brent Levin
Joseph Tipay
Myra Eastman
Joshua Rubin
Michael D. Smith
R. Favour
Dawn Blanchfield
Steven Davis
Larry Goldman
Denis Hazlewood
Miriam Morris
Carilyn Moyer
Robyn Slakey
Leitha Thrall