Off Center: 1st Annual International Ceramic Art Competition 2017

Off Center: 1st Annual International Ceramic Arts Competition
Fri, April 14, 2017 – Sat, May 27, 2017

Artists from around the world will be participating in Blue Line Arts First Annual International Ceramic Art Competition on April 14, 2017 through May 27, 2017, entitled Off Center, with a total of 75 pieces showcased for the public to enjoy.

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Sandy Simon

Simon attended the University of Minnesota in the late 60’s studying ceramics under Warren Mackenzie and Curt Hoard. She moved to Georgia to live and work as a potter from 1970 to 1978. From there, she was invited to teach at the Chicago Art Institute and continued her teaching career at many different universities in the U.S. She was awarded an NCECA grant in 1986 and another for travel and work in China in 2012. Simon opened TRAX ceramic gallery in Berkeley, CA in 1995 to bring attention to the work of dedicated functional potters. TRAX is located near the RR tracks in west Berkeley and hosts 6 shows a year. TRAX maintains an active web site:

Robert Brady
San Francisco Bay Area artist Robert Brady’s career spans over 40 years. He has rigorously explored figurative abstraction with a unique style utilizing imagery, form and color to convey messages. Brady’s early career began as a potter; his versatility and skill with materials led him to pursue wood sculpture. Brady describes the initial shift in media as a “risk, but something which made sense due to the warm and receptive nature of both materials.” Today, Brady works effortlessly between clay, wood, bronze and works on paper.

Emily Howard
Lee Middleman
Deborah Bridges
Alden Enriquez
Hadi Abbas
Bill Jamison
Sheryl Zacharia
Posey Bacopoulos
Clayton Thiel
Lucien Koonce
Deborah Pratt
Leilani Trinka
Maru Hoeber
Koren Christofides
Amber Aguirre
Miriam Morris
Nicole Portlock
Ariane Leiter
A.J. Phillips
Francoise LeClerc
Taylor Sijan
John Gargano
Mari Emori
Hannah Thompsett
Bill Abright
Bruce Papitto
Miriam Rae-Silver
Robyn Brakel
Désirée Petty
Sarah Merola
Hiromi Iyoda
Dan Molyneux
Douglas Peck
Bryan Yerian
Douglas Hein
David Stevens
Alden Enriquez
Beverly Morrison
Leah Bowring
Joseph Paushel
Colleen Sidey
Crista Ames
Kevin Hughes
Tybre Newcomer
Marina Smelik
Bill Heiderich
Jan Schachter
Cynthia O
Deborah Pratt
Lee Kavaljian