Mark Bowls

Mark Bowles
Wed, August 22, 2012 – Sat, September 22, 2012

Mark Bowles

Atmospheric work
The atmosphere.

Ephemeral. A constant evolution.

How to capture it?

How to represent it?

My work is best known for its exploration of the landscape. Exploring the land as it pushes into or falls away from the sky. A horizon line defining space– separating tangible land and the intangible ether. Something familiar.

This new tributary of work reaches for the unfamiliar. How does one best capture the color, patterns, and structure of random particles and bursts of light? How does the air, carrying its electrical charges and varying degrees of moisture, shift in the unseen currents which move it. How does the structure, and randomness, impinge on the eye and the imagination?

Exploring and quantifying these thoughts has been a challenge, a ground breaking experience. In the process of probing these new approaches it was necessary for me to discover new means of applying paint to canvas. I manufactured my own brushes and tools so I could better express the images I have been touching. Innovation can fuel growth. Even as reaching for the unfamiliar is uncomfortable, touching the unknown defines the creative spirit.


Sky alone is magnificent and engaging.

Sometimes it needs no tether.