Marcia Cary, John and Juan, Vern Silva at Shimo Center for the Arts

Marcia Cary: Paintings, John Hancock and Juan Ramos: Sculpture, Vern Silva: Ceramic Drawings

SACRAMENTO, CA, July, 29, 2012— Shimo Center for the Arts is proud to present three wonderful artists.

Marcia Cary received her MFA in painting at the University of California, Berkeley. Her main mentors at Berkeley were David Simpson and Richard Shaw. She got her BA from the University of California, Davis. Majored in Painting with a minor in art history. She studied with Squeak Carnwath, Wayne Thiebaud, Cornelia Schulz and Ralph Johnson. “My work is biomorphic, variously influenced by surrealism, Paul Klee, textiles, pattern & decoration, Krazy Kat, and whatever is going on at the moment. I like various media, finding that a change of medium is like opening the window.”

John Hancock and Juan Ramos began “John Juan Art” in December 2000. Juan has been creating paper mache’ sculptures since 1997 and John since 2000. They now continue to create pieces from their home studio in Sacramento, CA. These are one of a kind hand made pieces created with paper pulp and paper clay and painted with acrylics.


Vern Silva has been a cartoonist in the bay area for 40 years delighting friends and family. He has brought his talent to a local ceramic studio, Tony Natsoulas’ and has created 30 wonderful drawings on ceramic plates and tiles.