Aqua-Scapes: Capturing the Serenity and Dynamics of Water
December 2, 2011-January 7, 2012

The Blue Line Gallery – Roseville Arts is proud to present “Aqua – Scapes” a look at four visions of water and its beauty by Sacramento area award winning artists Marie Winkler (painting), Imi Lehmbrock-Hirschinger (painting), James Hirschinger (photography) and Jack Richardson (sculpture).  The exhibit is designed to stimulate the senses and create a calm and deep appreciation for what we know simply as water.  The processes and styles of the artists present an integrated but diverse display of images related to the visual aspects of water, its symbolic, spiritual and healing qualities as well as its overall importance for survival.

“Water plays an essential role in our lives. It nourishes and cleanses our physical self and our spirit. It provides us with a sense of serenity as well as fearful awe of its many changing facets. We often take it for granted and overlook the forms and magical beauty created by its dynamics.” James Hirchinger

“Water as a subject has appeared throughout art history and throughout cultures; it is a universal icon. The purpose of this exhibit is to heighten awareness of one of our planet’s most important natural resources; one that is rapidly becoming more polluted and diminishing in quality.” Maria Winkler