Tony Natsoulas
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In 2011, the Blue Line Arts hired Tony to curate their shows for the Coker Family Gallery.

The 5th Annual Plate and Totem show, an invitational
Crocker-Kingsley Art Competition
Russ Solomon collection

American's ClayFest III
30 Painter to collect
Freeze Frame: Photo art competition
Extra Parts: Found Object show
Masterpiece Medley: 2015 Annual Juried Membership Show

The 4th Annual Plate and Totems, an Invitational
Mid Century Madness
Politically Charged
America's ClayFest
Robert Armstrong and Monte Wolverton
The Pastel Society of the West Coast
Prints by Charles Barth and Constructions by David Gilhooly

Masterpiece Medley: 2014 Annual Juried Membership Show


America's ClayFest
The 3rd Annual Plate and Totems, an Invitational
Art Deco Reimagined
Gong Yuebin
Kondos & Mya Louw
Lee Kavaljian and Brenda Louie
Reif Erickson
Knock on Wood
Masterpiece Medley: 2013 Annual Juried Membership Show


Irving Marcus
Kondos and Shimo
The 2nd Annual Plate and Totems, an Invitational

Majia Peoples Bright
Amorphous: Honoring 50 years of studio glass
Masterpiece Medley: 2012 Annual Juried Membership Show

Brion Sprinsock: In Other Words
The Arneson Legacy: The Artists of Tb-9
The 1st Annual Plate and Totems, an Invitational

Masterpiece Medley: 2011 Annual Juried Membership Show

In 2012, the Shimo Center for the Arts hired Tony to curate their shows

Paul Dipasqua, Jim Piskoti, Bruce Cadman
Jennifer Brazelton, David Komar, Jim Strickland
Cassandra Reeves, Kurt Edward Fishback, Bar Shacterman
Todd Barricklow, Tony Spires, Lisa Beerntsen
William Smith, Monte Wolverton, Kristine Albrecht
Liz Ingebretsen, Eddie Bisese, Jim Adams
Bryan Valenzuela, Zbigniew Kozikowski, Jeffery Beckerleg
Steve Kellison

Betty Bailey, Larry Fox, Mick Brown
Richard Bernheimer, Jim Lenarz, Lee Kavaljian
Raphael Delgado, Helen Plenert, Maria Winkler
Marcia Cary, John and Juan, Vern Silva
Mike Dickau, Kelly Detweiler, William Ishmael
Justin Wood, Libby Harmor, Rachel Kline

Eccentric Imagery
, Blue Line Gallery, Roseville, CA
9 Ceramic Sculptors, Barton Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Over the Edge, Urban Art Gallery, Emeryville, CA

4 views , Davis Art Center, Davis, CA