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Sculpture of Alice Kramden by Tony Natsoulas

"Alice gets a job"
(Portrait of Audrey Meadows as Alice Kramden in the Honeymooners)
Ceramic, 39" x 23" x 29", 1999
Collection of the Artist

As a child we watched a television show entitled the Honeymooners. It starred Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden an over weight; loud and very opinionated man who was married to Audrey Meadows who played his wife Alice. During the days that this program aired women were portrayed as mothers, wives and happy homemakers. They had no opinions, made no fuss and everything was a neat and tidy package of dribble. The character played by Meadows, Alice, was very different from the rest of the housewives on television. She stood up for what she believed, she was not afraid of her loud overbearing husband.  She was wise, firm, loving and still was able to be feminine. I admired the character of Alice and was drawn to sculpting her and immortalizing her in clay.