Ceramic Sculpture by
Tony Natsoulas

Tony Natsoulas in his Ceramic Sculpture Studio, photographed by Kurt Fishback


After receiving his Masters of Fine Art at the University of California at Davis in 1985, Tony has been working as a professional artist in ceramic sculpture. His main interest has been in large scale humorous figurative ceramic sculpture. In undergraduate and graduate school he was fortunate to have studied at the University of California, Davis' TB9 ceramic studio with the artist that put figurative ceramic sculpture on the map, Robert Arneson. Since then he has been showing in galleries and museums around the world and has been commissioned to do several public and private sculptures in bronze, fiberglass and ceramic. Tony maintains a studio in Sacramento, CA and for the past three years he has been a curator at blue line arts! http://www.bluelinearts.org
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My recent work consists of larger-than-life ceramic busts; satirically depicting the general nature and eccentricities of my subjects. Humor plays an integral part in the physiological make-up of each character. The use of bold, vivid color and the exaggerated gestures also add a dimension in creating the personality and mood of the busts/characters.

Tony Natsoulas is not affiliated in anyway with the John Natsoulas Gallery or John Natsoulas.

Video of Tony Natsoulas working

Video Interview with Tony Natsoulas

Smithsonian Archives of American Art

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Latest ceramic sculpture

Latest ceramic sculpture by Tony Natsoulas

30 " x 16" x 12"

Latest Commission

Portrait of Robert Arneson by Tony Natsoulas

This was a private commission. It is a portrait of Robert Arneson who taught ceramics at UC Davis. I made him emerging from a kiln that was made up of 62 brick, the amount of years he lived. The pieces around him are piece he made in his early years. 100" x 24" 24"

Portrait of Robert Arneson by Tony Natsoulas

Photo by Izzy Schwartz.

. 500 Figures in Clay

"Lee counts his snails under the Bodhi Tree" 40" X 28" X 18 " 2009

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Tony holds an on going open ceramic sculpture studio workshop at
Alpha Fired Arts in Sacramento.
Wednesdays: 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
New Students start every Wednesday Night.
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Alpha Fired arts, Sacramento, CA
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